what is public information

What is Public Information

Public Information/What is Public Information

Personal data protection officer

Main Specialist of International Relations and Legal Division of Administration – Natalia Kraveishvili
Tel: (+995-32) 2262054

Persons responsible for ensuring access to public information:

Head of Administration – Nana Khutsishvili​
Tel: (+995-32) 2261925

Head of International Relations and Legal Division of Administration – Ana Lursmanashvili​
Tel: (+995-32) 2262070

E-mail: is.public@mof.ge

Everyone may have access to public information, as well as receive copies unless the information contains state, professional or commercial secret or personal data. Public information may be requested in written as well as electronically.

What is public information?

An official document (including a drawing, model, plan, layout, photograph, electronic information, video and audio-recording), i.e. any information stored at a public institution, as well as any information received, processed, created or sent by a public institution or public officer in connection with official activities, also any information proactively published by any public institution.

Copies of public information are available and in accordance with the law on Fees for Copying Public Information the amount of the fees for copying public information shall be as follows:

  • Photocopy of A4 and A5 sheets – 1 page – GEL 0,05 ;
  • Printing on a laser printer – 1 page – GEL 0,10; 
  • Writing data to a Compact disc – 1 disc – GEL 2,65; 
  • Writing data to a Floppy disc - 1 floppy disc – GEL 1,3; 
  • Writing data to the videotape presented by an information requester – 1 Hour - GEL 2,75; 
  • Writing data to the audiotape presented by an information requester – 1 Hour - GEL 0,50.

Proactively published public information is open and equally accessible to anyone. No fees or any other restrictions shall be imposed on the proactively published public information except as determined by law.

Refusal to issue public information

If a public institution refuses to issue public information, it is obliged to explain his/her rights and appeal procedure in writing to the applicant within three days from the date of the decision, as well as to indicate the structural unit or public institution with whom consultations were held when decision on refusal of issuing information was making.

Protecting personal data

Personal data - any information connected to an identified or identifiable physical person. A person shall be identifiable when he or she may be identified directly or indirectly, in particular by an identification number or by any physical, physiological, psychological, economic, cultural or social characteristics.

A public institution shall not disclose personal data without the consent of that person or courts justified decision in cases determined by law, except for personal data of officials (as well as candidates of officials).

Commercial secret

Commercial secret - information about the commercial value of the plan, formula, process, means or any other information that is used to produce, prepare, transform or provide service, and/or which represents an innovation or a result of significant technical accomplishment, as well as other information whose disclosure may cause damage to a person's competitiveness.

Professional secret

Professional secret - information about personal data or a commercial secret of others that has become known to a person while performing his/her professional duties.

State secret

State secret - information available in the areas of defense, economy, foreign relations, intelligence, state security and civil security, disclosure or loss that may preclude sovereignty of Georgia or any party to the Georgia's treaties and international agreements, constitutional order, political or economic interests and which, under this Law and/or Georgia's treaties and international agreements, are designated or deemed to be a state secret and are subject to state protection in advance.

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